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Our Mission

    To provide vision to those engaged in education so as to enable them to reconstruct human thought in all its forms on the foundation of Islam.

    Teachers play a pivotal role in the development of a nation. Thus, they must develop steadily to educate the nation in the most effective and efficient way.

    ERI equips teachers with the skills and concepts needed to develop a nation of muslim leaders by employing an electic approach towards teaching and learning.

Our Development Programs

    Basic Teacher Development Program - BTDP

    A series of ten modules for beginning teachers according to their professional needs.

    BTDP 2015-16

    Advanced Teacher Development Program - ATDP

    A series of ten modules focusing on the development of teaching skills and concepts.

    Early Childhood Education Program - ECEP

    A fifteen days short course especially designed to help novice teacher cater to the needs of the Pre Primary learners.

    Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education - ADECE

    A diploma that helps Early Childhood teachers to improve their skills and knowledge.

    The ADECE, program started as A.M.Ed in 2005, it is an ECE program, committed to develop and support the early childhood teacher. It is a unique course of studies, a marvelous blend of modern Montessori techniques and contemporary strategies practiced in the present-day classroom all over the world. Offered with an added element of Islamic Values.read more

    Diploma in English Language Training - DELT

    DELT deepens teachers' knowledge and develops their ability to reflect and improve their English Language teaching. It enhances the over all pesonality as well.read more

Education Panel

    Convocation of ADECE 14, DELT II and ATDP

    Convocation was held on 12th September 2015 at Janus Banquet and was started at 3:00 p.m. with a welcome note by Ms. Safoora Naeem (Executive director ). Ms Rashida Khatooon (Master Trainer) gave an Introduction of ERI. An interactive presentation on "An Effective School" was given by Ms. Rahila Waqar (Director Research and Book Development) followed by an Introduction of DELT III by Ms. Sana Saad and Introduction of ADECE by Ms. Halima Abu Baker (Deputy Director Training). It was ended successfully around 5:00 p.m. after a refreshment.


Islamiat Series »

Description of Islamiat Series

  • 1. To clarify the basic concepts according to the level of the students.(Bk 4 Pg 8).

    2. To explain the terminology and concepts in a clear and unambiguous manner.(Bk 5 Pg 6). read more ...

Ufaq series »

Description of Ufaq Series

Development of reading skills is an important landmark of the initial learning process of children. From the letter sound to the formation of words of systematic approach is needed to enable the children to visually recognize, comprehend and then read more ...

vision series »

Description of Vision Series

All praise be to Allah SWT Who has enabled eri to bring forth this series. The "Vision" series is part of eri's Language Development Project aimed at developing an English Language Curriculum consistent with our Muslim Identity and Pakistani culture. read more ...

science seires »

Description of Science Series

Children are naturally programmed to explore and learn about the world around them. Science learning and teaching should thus be a fun venture - stimulating, guiding and assisting the naturally curious learners to explore the world they live in employing all the science process skills. read more