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Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education - ADECE

The ADECE, program started as A.M.Ed in 2005, it is an ECE program, committed to develop and support the early childhood teacher. It is a unique course of studies, a marvelous blend of modern Montessori techniques and contemporary strategies practiced in the present-day classroom all over the world. Offered with an added element of Islamic Values.

The ADECE graduates Insha'Allah will be equipped with skills that will enable them to cater to the holistic development of children and to apply their knowledge of Early Childhood Education, Learning styles and Multiple Intelligences in the classroom activities. Moreover, they will be empowered to make efficient and prompt decisions to address the social and emotional needs of children.

Furthermore, the course will help the participant’s master skills which would prepare the child to gain a smooth entrance to a formal education system. The participants will have the experience of observing ongoing classes at our lab-schools and also practice their skills at the respective venue. Additionally, reading material comprising of more than a thousand pages will be provided to enhance the participants’ knowledge.