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Science Series:

Children are naturally programmed to explore and learn about the world around them.
Long before, they start asking “why’s” and “how’s”, they push, pull, throw, tear, beat,
hit, mix and splash to learn about the world around them. They construct their own
knowledge of the world based on their personal explorations and experiences. Any
science text book should therefore be aimed at stimulating and capitalizing on this
natural curiosity.
Science learning and teaching should thus be a fun venture - stimulating, guiding and
assisting the naturally curious learners to explore the world they live in employing all
the science process skills.

Distinctive features of Sciecne Series:

  • Integrate Islamic concepts and beliefs with conventional scientific knowledge.
  • Motivate and support pupils to gain knowledge and information about the world
    they live in.
    Exercises have been graded and have fun filled activities to ensure smooth and gradual language development.
  • Enable an all-round development of a child so that he becomes a science literate,
    socially useful and morally upright citizen of the modern world.
  • Develop the idea that science is not only restricted to labs and scientists; it
    affects everyone, everywhere.
  • Develop the attitude of doing science rather than just reading science.
  • Apply appropriate science process skills for the purpose of problem solving.
  • Raise enquiring minds possessing observation skills and the ability to discuss,
    argue, describe, and raise questions pertaining to science.
  • Develop an understanding of both the potentials and limitations of science; to
    enable pupils to appreciate the part science plays in their lives; to help pupils
    understand that scientific developments should be used for the benefit of the
    society at large.
  • Enable pupils to acquire an adequate repertoire of scientific knowledge and skills
    that are useful for maintaining health, promoting safety and understanding the

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