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Ufaq Sound to Words Series


These books are recommended to be used to KG/ KG II or Prep II clasees. Phonics is an integral part of early reading development. This series to give a reading readiness program.

Each book is a complete unit of a vowel gradually facilitating the reading from words to the story. It is recommended that the chidlren are at first sensitized to a particular sound. The sound should then be blended with a vowel to produce a new sound. Then it is to be combined with several consonants to form words. Students must be encouraged to create as many words as possible. Meaningless words should also be encouraged and accepted. This skill will help them to decode bigger words that they will encounter later.

Once the students are comfortable with blending, the book should be introduced. These books introduce words, phrases and then sentences. The makeup story in the end of book is an extension of the associated vocabulary.