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Ufaq Vocabulary Series:


This is recommended to be Nursery (KG I or Prep I) classes. It comprises of four books i.e. Book 1 to Book 4. The letters of the alphabet should be taught by the Phonics Methods. The child is required to identify the pictures by their letter sound. The child is not expected to learn spellings of the names given. Therefore, dictation and other writing tasks are not to be given at this stage.

The Principal of Sight-Reading (Look and Say Method) is recommended for using the reading pages (pages with phrases and sentences along with picture) of the series.

Teacher should use the flash cards of the words used in sentences before introducing the book page. The words used are given at the end of each book.

Look and say method consists of 5 steps in

Reading Development:

  • Picture to picture matching.
  • Picture to sound matching.
  • Picture to word matching.
  • Word to word matching.
  • Independent word reading.

Other reading materials (books, flashcards, charts, charts etc.) to reinforce the series are also recommended to be used by the teachers.

Correction or errors, if any, and suggestions for improvement are welcome. ERI thanks Allah SWT for giving it an opportunity to serve His cause.