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Vision Series:


All praise be to Allah SWT Who has enabled eri to bring forth this series. The Vision series is part of ERI's Language Development Project aimed at developing an English Language Curriculum consistent with our Muslim Identity and Pakistani culture.

Extensive research has been carried out in the development of this series. The interests and needs of children have been investigated to assist in the selection of themes in order to make the books suitable for children in Pakistan. Appropriate concepts and values have been integrated in a stimulating manner. In addition, current strategies about second language learning have been incorporated to facilitate students in acquiring the new language, in an easy and motivating manner.

Distinctive features of Vision Series:

  • The "Vision Series" is divided into 7/8 units. Each unit has an interesting text, which is based on the child's own experiences.
  • Each unit is focused on the basic language skills of listening, Reading, Comprehension, Speaking and Writing. Additional exercises for enriching the children's vocabulary have been included. Sufficient practice in grammar has also been provided.
  • Exercises have been graded and have fun filled activities to ensure smooth and gradual language development.
  • A key feature of the exercises is that they are designed to actively involve the students in their own learning and develop their thinking skills and creativity.
  • Each unit contains a short passage "Reading for Information" which consists of texts on Islamic themes intended to enrich students' knowledge and inculcate moral values.

A major obstacle to a better education is the lack of integration of Islamic Themes in a natural manner. The Vision Series has been developed keeping in mind the need for text books which are technically sound, conceptually appropriate and affordable.

ERI does not claim perfection. If errors are discovered kindly write to eri@cyber.net.pk to ensure a better edition next time. ERI is grateful to Allah SWT for providing it an opportunity to serve His cause.