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" Our Mission is to provide vision to those engaged in education so as to enable them to reconstruct human thought in all forms on the foundation of Islam. "



A good educational system is an essential element of a dynamic and successful society. We all know this simplefact. In every developed country, education is given highpriority in government planning and funding.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Paksitan. Here, we see just the opposite. Education is just passing concern to our government thus falls upon us citizens to do whatever we can to improve the condition of our ailing educational system.

So far the effort to improve the situation have been confined to application of some worn out techniques and textbooks from the West, to improve classroom situation but no effort has been made to integrate Islam in the present curriculum. This has resulted in an ideological and cultural clash, which has pushed our children further away from the goal desired. A large source of public funding has been utilized to establish large institutions in which the children are constantly removed from their own religion culture. The result is a lost generation! Unable to recognize its own identity and goals in life.

The system inherited at the time of independence was meant to produce a nation of slaves. It is totally insufficient for the needs of an independent progressive society. Re-conceptualization of the educational process is necessary for the survival of education development. The entire learning process, the people and the material involved, all need to be reviewed and brought up to date from time to time. The meaning of education in Pakistan must be redefined. This is what we hope to accomplish at eri.


Objectives of eri:

  • Development of Teachers.
  • Development of books and educational resources material.
  • Conducting research regarding the educational field.
  • Providing consultant for new schools and advisory support for existing schools.