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Islamiat Series



  • To clarify the basic concepts according to the level of the students.
  • To explain the terminology and concepts in a clear and unambiguous manner. Read more ....


Ufaq Series

Development of reading skills is an important landmark of the initial learning process of children. From the letter sound to the formation of words of systematic approach is needed to enable the children to visually recognize, comprehend and then articulate. This becomes all the more important in special in second language learning. Several series for the development of English reading skills are present in the market, bu the alien environment and culture depicted in these books hinders the comprehensions as well as the conceptual development, which in turn affects the interest of the child in acquiring the language.

The Ufaq Series was planned to fill this important vaccum, wherein the needs of local children to have a graded reading development series in English Language, which is cultural and environment friendly, is attempted to be fulfilled. A special feature of the series is the introduction of Islamic vocuabulary and the integeration of Islamic themes in the text. The Ufaq series consist of total fifteen books intended to serve the Pre-Primary classes. The Ufaq Series is divided into 3 main sections:-

Ufaq Sound to Words Series

Ufaq Vocabulary Series

Ufaq Reading Series

Ufaq Work Book Series

Ufaq Mathematic Series

Vision Series

All praise be to Allah SWT Who has enabled eri to bring forth this series. The "Vision" series is part of eri's Language Development Project aimed at developing an English Language Curriculum consistent with our Muslim Identity and Pakistani culture.

Extensive research has been carried out in the development of this series. The interests and needs of children have been investigated to assist in the selection of themes in order to make the books suitable for children in Pakistan. Appropriate concepts and values have been integrated in a stimulating manner.Read more ....